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Drought-Resistant Baskets – Create virtually no-care containers with succulents such as Hens and chicks (Sepmervivum tectorum). The biggest challenge of growing a beautiful hanging basket is to keep it from drying out. You can make maintenance a breeze with a planting of these drought-tolerant plants including echeveria, sedum or other succulents. They may be an unusual choice, but require next to no watering, even in hot, sunny situations.

Baskets with Stunning Contrast – Even though they may be old-fashioned, geraniums are still a top pick for hot, sunny spots – and not to mention they mix well with just about everything. Red geraniums can be dressed up with a flowering skirt of draping ivy and blue lobelia, with a simple top hat of dracaena for a classic look in your home garden.

Bright, Bold Statements It tough to pick which colour flowers are brighter – is it the hot pink or the bold gold? Either way, there are some great colour schemes that will catch the eye from up to a block away. Up close, the mix of bloom sizes creates visual interest on a more subtle level.

TIP: If your home is set back from the street, choose bright coloured blooms to create more impact from the street.

Soft Textures – Plants with small foliage and flowers create a fine texture that adds a touch of subtlety and elegance to your landscape. Create a breath of fresh air with an effective combination of blooms such as Brachyscome iberidifolia, Bacopa and Asparagus sprengeri. This type of basket does best in an area of full sun.

Classic Hanging Baskets – A lot of hanging baskets rely on a bunch of different plants to create contrasts with colour and texture. You can easily create good looking baskets without going overboard.  If the plant choices feel overwhelming, go for classic look, such as shade-loving impatiens and fill a hanging basket with their delicate-looking blooms all summer long.

Baskets of Bright Foliage Purple, bright coloured leaves are the rage these days, but don’t work well in shady areas because their dark leaves tend to fade them away. Golden and chartreuse foliage are also a rage amongst gardeners and they are an excellent choice for adding colour and excitement to a shady spot in your garden.

Garden Diva BasketHere’s a fun example of how plants can add lots of interest to your garden. Wax begonias and old-fashioned impatiens are no-fail choices for shady areas – but your baskets can go from drab to diva by adding a purple-leaf alternanthera or other purple-flowering plant to your basket.

TIP: Create big impact, even without blooms by picking plants with stunning foliage such as coleus, sweet potatio vine, dichondra and plectranthus.

Patriotic Themed BasketsBold and bright, what’s not to enjoy about a red, white and blue combo? or perhaps green and yellow? Lush, trailing plants overflow a traditional hanging basket and eventually cover it with a skirt of eye catching colour. Try a selection of red geraniums, convolvulus and calibrachoa hybrid to get a dramatic, patriotic look.

Bold, Simple BasketsCalibrachoa is an incredible plant known for it’s flower power. Filling a hanging basket with waves of colour from just one variety is a great way to create a stunning hanging basket without the work of picking various plants that work well together. Because calibrachoa blooms in just about every shade, you’ll find the right one that will perfectly complement your garden.

Elegant Hanging Basket – Bold, traffic-stopping colours aren’t quite your thing? Put together a beautiful, elegant basket with soft pastel colours (soft shades of pink, lavender and blue are especially useful for helping hot, exposed spots seem a bit cooler). Trailing plants, such as verbena, create a soft, beautiful display perfect for gardens of any style – from cottage to formal.

Unusual Plants, Dramatic Baskets – While geraniums and petunias are classic favourites for hanging baskets, don’t be afraid to take a chance with a new plant to create baskets that your friends will ooh and ahh over. Butterfly orchids, a long-blooming tomato relative that is often underused, can add a whole new dimension to your hanging baskets.

WOW Baskets – Create the “WOW” factor by using colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel. For example, rich purples make stunning contrasts to golden-chartreuse plants.

Fragrant Favourites Baskets – Design a hanging basket that’s as pleasing to the nose as it is to the eyes. Pick fragrant plants that mix well such as the spicy scent of dianthus with the subtle sweetness of viola for a basket that you’ll want next to a window or on your patio.

Shady Area Baskets – You can’t go wrong decorating a shaded spot with full blooms of tuberous begonias and double impatiens. Their rose-like blooms make hanging baskets feel richer and more complicated than they really are. Simple, effective combinations like this bring a splash of colour to shady areas.

Graceful Hanging Baskets With their gorgeous shape and graceful hanging blooms, fuchsias are a favourite for cool shady spots. They are unmatched for their elegance. THINK pink this summer for a dazzling display and discover a beautifully versatile plant for your garden.

Romantic Hanging Baskets - Colour can affect your mood -- so use it to your advantage. Pastel shades of lavender and fuchsia pop with a bit of white to create a soft, romantic look in a sunny spot. This soothing combo is perfect for your favourite spot to relax with a good book and glass of lemonade. Try a bit of Sutera Cordata to add a touch of purple.

Super Bloom Baskets – Lights! Camera! Action! Super bloomers like the sun-loving Verbena and Calibrachoa are ready to start the show as soon as they are planted up. They’re dazzling, dependable performers that will keep up their starring role in your home garden.